Types of classes

  • Pilates Matwork (55 min)

During the session you will use a fitness mat with or without small training equipment. Exercise system is developed to strengthen the whole body. Regular practice helps to reduce body asymmetry and stressful muscles, as well as to improve joints and spinal condition. Also these balanced pilates exercises let muscles gain power and flexibility, improve stamina and quality of your sleep. Most exercises take place horizontally on the mat and are suitable for all ages, genders and body fitness conditions.    

  • Pilates Reformer (55 min

Session for 2 people or 4 people group using Pilates exercise machines. A unique versatile way of training that can help either in rehabilitation or building very athletic capabilities. Exercises are suitable for all ages, genders and body fitness conditions, even minor previous injuries and muscle ache is not an obstacle. Pilates machines help exercises to be performed in a more precise manner while remaining gentle to the body. Experience shows that the precision not only ensures injury free sessions, but also helps to prevent them in the future. This is the reason why we pay very close attention to exercises and limit the groups to 4 people.    

  • Pilates personal (55 min)

Individual Pilates session with a professional trainer will ensure a customized program exactly for you and your body health condition. Focusing on what your body needs the most can manage pain, renew and strengthen muscles, improve motion, stamina and coordination. The trainer will plan out the session matching your fitness condition, control the exercise technique in order to achieve maximum desired effects. During the session you will use large and small training equipment.