About us

We are a cozy pilates studio located in the “Quiet Center” of Riga. We’ll be perfect when you are looking for a variety in pilates training, combining modern pilates exercise machines with small fitness accessories. Whatever your mood is, we’ll arrange private trainings or tiny groups because we never go for big ones. Highly professional and specifically pilates licensed trainers will find a thing for everyone: beginners, pilates-lovers with some skills or pro athletes. Our promise is to make your exercise fun, your body healthy, and your backbone strong.


Ina Bērziņa

Founder and Manager of "Pilates Room". Teacher, movement specialist. Health Sport Specialist (Riga Stradini University), Pilates instructor (big and small equipment ‒ international Balance Body certificate).

Pilates is not only a complex revitalising program that harmonises and vitalises both body and mind, I think about Pilates as a way of living. A way of living that ensures good health and positive emotions.

Nataļja Okuņeva

Founder and Manager of "Pilates Room". Student of physiotherapy at Latvian Academy of Sport Education. Pilates instructor since 2011. Nataļja learned the basic principles of Pilates at the Russian Pilates Institute and at the MK Pilates school. She has suksessfully finished Lolita’s Legacy Pilates programme. Sports Master in Gymnastics.

Pilates is a unique method as it offers to „activate” mind to form the right movements. Pilates teaches people to recognise parts of their body and to move them separately and control them. This helps to reduce the muscular tonus and to keep the energy levels up. It is very important to „stay” within ones’ body while exercising and to think about the quality of the movements.